YK studied architecture at Iowa State University, graduating in 2011 with a Bachelor's of Architecture. His professional experience includes work at Perkins+Eastman in Chicago and Archiplan in Seoul. YK has won numerous awards and mention at architectural competitions both as a student and professional. His research focus is design for elderly and aging populations. YK also has a strong interest in historical preservation and traditional building materials and methods. He is currently based in Seoul, Korea.


JRD studied planning at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, graduating with an honours degree in Urban Design Studies He has a Master's of Landscape Architecture degree from Seoul National University, with graduate work also done at Iowa State University. His research focuses on ethnographic and ethnobotanic studies of landscapes and the landscape understanding of residents in the places they live. He has pressented at numerous conferences around the world and continues his research from rural Calais, Maine.

Research and Practice

JRD_YK uses the small town of Calais, Maine and the urban village in Seoul of Kaemi-Maeul as living laboratories for design for small places and communities. The team studies places of neglect, poverty, economic and demographic decline for small-scale local innovations in landscape literacy and environmental understanding as acts of resilience. Ethnographic methods are an important element at JR_YK, for understanding and learning from local residents in their places of living and sharing ideas with them for better environments. Also included in the research and practice of JRD_YK is the place of digital and technology in the landscape and human environment.